Translating your business into the language of your customers

" I have worked with Sarah for some time now, and I find her work to be of a consistently high quality. She is a primarily a copywriter but the marketing support she provides extends well beyond that. She takes a leading role in our B2B content marketing activities, drawing on her considerable experience in this area. And she learns new areas quickly. "
Steve Taylor, Digital Marketing, OCLC
" I've had the pleasure to work with Sarah during my times at Tomorrow People. Sarah is not only an incredibly skilled writer, but she's also a great researcher, always digging a little bit deeper than others would. That commitment to understanding the potential reader allows her to create the most compelling pieces. She's also a very experienced and successful Editorial Manager able to handle a few clients at the same time, on a tight schedule and/or budget. "
Eliza Bonecka, Head of Marketing, ACIM
" Fantastic, creative, enthusiastic, talented and versatile content creator and marketer. At home with strategic leadership as well as life in the b2b technical trenches. "
David Smith, Head of Agency, Entrepreneurs Circle
" Sarah is an exceptional content specialist and copywriter. She brings extensive content marketing experience to First Actuarial, and is playing an instrumental role in transforming our online presence. She grasps technical details very quickly, and produces brilliant copy that addresses the markets and audiences we’re targeting. She has written our new websites in a style that is warm and human, but with the right level of formality for financial services. Sarah is both flexible and organised, managing multiple jobs for us at all times and liaising with our design agency. She maintains good relations with everyone she comes into contact with. She does everything she says she’s going to do, on time. "
Mark Riches, Partner, First Actuarial
" In 2014, The European Library conducted an awareness campaign to highlight LOD (Linked Open Data) practices in national and university libraries across Europe. Sarah published a series of 10 editorials over a period of 2 months. Both her communication and coordination with our library partners and her ability to adapt to pan-European audiences were spot-on. Her copy was consistently outstanding and her dedication commendable. She turned dry and complex interviews into digestible and engaging pieces. It was a pleasure working with her. "
Aubéry Escande, Projects and Communications Advisor, Europeana
" Sarah Bartlett’s bid-writing skills have quickly become indispensable to EC Arts as we seek the funding we need. As a fully-stretched director, overseeing multiple projects at any one time, I find Sarah’s ability to work independently to be invaluable. She is able to digest large volumes of complex material efficiently yet thoroughly, distilling it all down into clear and structured copy. Most recently Sarah produced the copy for an ambitious Arts Council England funding bid which received the full amount applied for. This is exceptional in today’s challenging climate. Sarah is committed, dependable and also highly versatile; she can turn her writing skills to a wide range of projects. Her contributions to EC Arts projects represent unbeatable value for money and it’s great to have her on board. "
Claire Farrell, Director, EC Arts
" We’re delighted with the copywriting and marketing services that Sarah Bartlett provides. Over the past year she has taken responsibility for all our marketing communications. She has rewritten our two websites in clear succinct language, produced a range of sales collateral, and her excellent PR work has transformed our visibility in the UK and the US. She picks up new technologies and market drivers quickly, which is very important to us in our current phase of rapid growth. She delivers to the tightest of deadlines, and works harmoniously with all our staff and freelancers. "
David Stephenson, Commercial Director, oMbiel
" Sarah always produces excellent copy for us, and we can rely on her to work within challenging timeframes when required. Her PR services in particular have delivered outcomes that have exceeded expectations. She has a rigorous and measured approach, paying attention to detail without losing sight of the big picture. "
Fiona Leslie, EMEA Marketing Manager, OCLC