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Commissioned by OCLC to promote content from its 2015 conference in Florence, Italy, this interview with global thought leader, David Weinberger, went viral as soon as it was published. Retweeters included online marketing gury Clay Shirky, and the following metrics were supplied by publisher Research Information:

  • Pageviews: 918
  • Direct page tweets: 256

David Weinberger is senior researcher at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, and has been instrumental in the development of ideas about the impact of the web. Shortly before his recent keynote presentation at OCLC’s EMEA Regional Council Meeting in Florence, he spoke with Sarah Bartlett about the library-sized hole in the Internet and how a ‘library graph’ might help librarians to fill it.

A press release to promote the success of a campusM customer.

Wolverhampton, UK. January 16, 2015. Queensborough Community College has received a prestigious award for its QCC Connect app, developed using the campusM Platform.

Podcast of the UCISA 2014 Technology Enhanced Learning survey for higher education in the UK. I facilitated and produced the podcast, in which members of the research team - Richard Walker, Julie Voce and Elaine Swift - who ran the survey discuss results and share insights.

Production of copy for the website of mobile development studio, Exploding Phone.

A website copywriting project to align with a redesign and highlight the breadth of Exploding Phone's mobile development work.

Video of a 2014 campusM User Group set up to explore how the campusM Platform can integrate with learning management systems.

A white paper that takes readers through the many ways that libraries around the world are delivering on institutional investment, promoting OCLC's WorldShare Management Services with a light touch.

A white paper written for campusM which takes the higher education audience through the key differences between native apps and HTML5, promoting the campusM Platform as a solution that combines the benefits of both.

A white paper that explains the benefits of system integration. Written in 2005 when I was a Product Manager at Talis to showcase the Talis Keystone platform.

Production of all copy for the website of the Praxis partnership.

A full website copywriting project to emphasise Praxis's twin strengths of design and engineering expertise, complete with description of approach and full portfolio.

A press release to announce the selection of OCLC's library management system by TU Delft.

Leiden, Netherlands, 28 October 2014— Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), one of the world's leading technical universities, has selected OCLC WorldShare Management Services as its library management system.

Commissioned by The European Library to attend and report on the RLUK Hackathon of Linked Open Data, London, May 2014, I produced this article, which was reproduced on the RLUK website.

"Is LOD really the next big thing for libraries? The jury is still out", said RLUK (Research Libraries UK) Director Mike Mertens, as he introduced the event. He underpinned the exploratory nature of the day with a number of key objectives, notably the exploitation of rich bibliographic data in new ways in order to promote new skills in libraries, open up data for nimble library, solutions, and promote RLUK's rich open metadata.

A case study commissioned as part of a Europe-wide series by The European Library, which needed a copywriter with a clear understanding of linked data technologies.

Work on LOD started in early 2011 as a collaboration between the National Library of Spain and the Ontology Engineering Group of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The Ontology Engineering Group undertook the technical development of datos.bne, while Library staff provided support on areas such as data analysis and mapping. We set about exploring how LOD could connect library catalogues across the country. Spain has several languages, though, and that makes the records highly heterogeneous. says Daniel Vila-Suero, Researcher and Technical Lead of datos.bne Ontology Engineering Group.


I researched and ghost-authored this thought-leadership article on behalf of campusM. I identified ACUTA Journal as a key US outlet for reaching a higher education technology audience and successfully pitched this article to the editor. Sensitivity to user location has always been a big part of what makes mobile devices irresistible. Even the earliest university mobile apps helped students on the move to navigate and interact with their environment more effectively, with features such as campus maps along with more sophisticated services that help students find everything they need on campus - from available computers and washing machines to their fellow students.

A short video in which customers of campusM discuss campusM Enterprise, the flagship product.
campusM, the UK's leading provider of mobile apps for higher education institutions, commissioned Sarah to produce this video. Sarah filmed the customers at a User Group meeting, scripted the video, and managed the editing process through to production.

A press release to promote the EDUCAUSE 2013 Annual Conference mobile app.

EDUCAUSE has selected the campusM platform to deliver the app for its Annual Conference in October. After rigorously evaluating propositions from numerous vendors the campusM ‘Platform as a Service’ solution emerged as the strongest option.

A case study commissioned by UCISA.
When Steve Knight, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Director of Corporate Services, took his idea of offshoring core operations to Middlesex University’s Board of Governors, he was surprised to encounter little resistance. In the drive to streamline operational efficiencies, Middlesex University had already outsourced areas such as cleaning and security in the UK, and had consolidated its London sites. The Board was also aware that offshoring was tried and tested in government departments and other sectors. Digitisation and IT connectivity made the offshoring of core operations feasible; growing cost pressures made it highly desirable.

Production of all copy for the corporate website of oMbiel.
At the end of 2012, Sarah rewrote the corporate website of oMbiel within very tight timescales, as the company prepared to enter the UK local government technology market.

A case study commissioned by Capita.
With operational savings at the forefront of decision-making in local government, senior managers at Leicestershire Libraries set about streamlining invoice processing. A target, recently introduced across Leicestershire County Council, to centralise all supplier information on the corporate finance system, was clearly leading the way to fully electronic invoicing. The council also had to comply with a government target mandating that at least 90% of invoices are paid within 30 days. Meanwhile, in the Council’s Finance department, plans were underway to centralise all orders on the corporate finance system. A combination of government standards, Council-level drivers and departmental cost-saving initiatives led the way to more systematic processes.

A short video in which academics, students and library staff at the University of Warwick discuss their work with OCLC's CONTENTdm digital management tool. Footage includes fascinating historical artefacts digitised at the university using CONTENTdm.

Short punchy news items on oMbiel's campusM blog. From December 2011 onwards.

A series of monthly videos demonstrating newly-released features of the Talis Aspire system.
Sarah scripted, produced and published these videos single-handedly.

Commentary and podcasts related to key developments and individuals in library blog on the Panlibus blog. Up to March 2011. See example here.