Translating your business into the language of your customers

How I Work

I meet my clients’ needs and move them closer to their goals with a range of copywriting services – from optimised websites to white papers and PR – delivered on time and within budget. Sometimes clients want what their competitors have got – a standard case study, perhaps – but increasingly they want something new. Copy is going through a lot of change at the moment, and discussing the best approach with clients is exciting and rewarding.

I’m thorough, but without cluttering the calendars of my busy clients. By the time I start on my first assignment with any organisation, I’ve got a good grasp of their core mission, business objectives, brand personality and company culture. 

What I deliver

Web content

Some clients bring me in to write or rewrite a website from scratch. I also produce individual pages or landing pages for existing sites, with copy that harmonises with existing content. I will work with you to drive more traffic to your site, and can provide up-to-date SEO advice.

PR Services

For clients wishing to make an impact in new B2B markets or strengthen their presence in existing ones, I offer a full PR service. I have pitched client stories successfully to outlets as diverse as BBC Midlands Today, Times Higher Education, The Herald (Scottish daily broadsheet) and EDUCAUSE Review (global leader in the educational technology field).

Case studies

Case studies are changing all the time, as many companies experiment with format, multimedia content and overall length. I advise clients on the most suitable approach for their offering. I can embed either audio or video to showcase your customer’s journey in the most effective way.

Videos and podcasts

I write blog posts on my clients’ behalf. These can be discursive or short and pithy. I am an experienced podcaster, producing recordings that are both engaging and informative, with participants who are well known and respected in their field. My videos capture the authentic customer experience, giving my clients’ products and services an unbeatable endorsement.

Funding Bids

I construct very clear lines of argument, and deploy the right level of emotional engagement to help your bid succeed. I pay attention to detail and comply with the requirements of funding bodies.

How I approach assignments

I bring a lifetime of business experience to bear on everything I write. I talk with you, your employees, customers and anyone else with a stake in the story. I ask the right questions; I swerve around the pitfalls; I lift out the story. I listen carefully and I write in a way that transmits your voice.

My priority is always to represent your business in the best possible way.

I specialise in technology – although it’s by no means an exclusive focus. Not everyone can write well about technology – it requires exactly the right balance of understanding and deference.  There’s no substitute for experience – I’ve spent many years as a systems analyst – but too much confidence can lead to incorrect assumptions.

A lifelong proficiency in languages gives me what I call ‘the eye’ – I spot errors and typos immediately. But there’s a difference between correctness and pedantry. I write in the style that best suits the client’s brand and business needs. Sometimes that is minimalist, sometimes conversational, sometimes formal. And I can produce copy in either American or British English.